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What is Sputtering Target Bonding?

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What is bonding?

Bonding refers to welding the target and the back target with solder.
There are three main ways: crimping, brazing and conductive glue.
Target bonding is commonly used for brazing, and solder is commonly used for In, Sn, In-Sn
Generally, in the case of using solder, the sputtering power is required to be less than 20W×cm-2.

Why bonding?

1. Prevent the target material from being unevenly cracked by heating, such as ITO, SiO2, ceramics and other brittle targets and sintered targets;
2. Save cost and prevent deformation. If the target material is too expensive, you can make the target thinner and bind the back target to prevent deformation.

The choice of back target

1. Oxygen-free copper is commonly used by Fast Silver, which has good electrical conductivity, and the thermal conductivity of oxygen-free copper is better than that of copper;
2. The thickness is moderate. Generally, the thickness of the back target is about 3mm. Too thick, consume part of the magnetic strength; too thin, easy to deform.

Bonding process

1. Pre-treat the surface of the target and the back target before binding
2. Place the target material and the back target on the brazing table and heat up to the binding temperature
3. Metallize the target and the back target
4. Bonding target and back target
5. Cooling and post-treatment

Precautions for the use of bonding targets

1. The sputtering temperature should not be too high
2. The current should be increased slowly
3. The circulating cooling water should be below 35 degrees Celsius
4. Suitable target material density
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