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Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO)Thin Film

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Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO)Thin Film

Transparent conductive oxide films are widely used in various optoelectronic devices, such as flat liquid crystal displays, solar cells, and energy-saving windows, because they have excellent photoelectric properties such as transparency in the visible light region and low resistivity.
TCO film first appeared in the early 20th century, that is, the CdO transparent conductive film prepared by Badeker in 1907. SnO2-based and In2O3-based transparent conductive films appeared around 1950, and the ZnO-based transparent conductive film emerged in the 1980s.
At present, the most widely used and researched is tin-doped In2O3 (abbreviated as ITO) transparent conductive film. 
Aluminum-doped ZnO (abbreviated as AZO) transparent conductive film is considered to be the most promising film material

SnO2-base thin film

The earliest transparent conductive film with application value is to plate a layer of SnO2 film on glass, but the performance of pure SnO2 film is not as good as that of doped SnO2 based film. Therefore, doped SnO2 film is widely used now. The best results are antimony and fluorine.
SnO2 film doped with antimony is referred to as ATO
Fluorine-doped SnO2 film is referred to as FTO
Phosphorus, arsenic, tellurium, chlorine, etc. can also be used as dopants for SnO2 films.

In2O3-base thin film

Tin-doped In2O3 film (ITO for short) is currently the most widely studied and used transparent conductive film. Its resistivity is between 10-3~10-4Ω·cm, and the visible light transmittance is over 85%.
Numerous documents claim that when the tin doping amount is 10% (atomic fraction), the ITO film has the best photoelectric properties.
The Zn-doped ITO film is prepared by the DC magnetron sputtering method, which has good etchability and low resistivity.
The traditional reactive evaporation method is used to prepare Mo-doped In2O3-based transparent conductive film IMO on a glass substrate at 350℃. Its resistivity is 1.7×10-4Ω·cm, and the visible light transmittance is greater than 80%.


ZnO-base thin film

ZnO film is rich in raw materials, low cost, and excellent in performance, and has attracted widespread interest.
Aluminum-doped ZnO film (AZO) is currently the best performance zinc oxide film.
The AZO film prepared by magnetron sputtering has a resistivity as low as 6.24×10-4Ω·cm and a visible light transmittance greater than 80%.
In order to further improve the chemical stability of the AZO film, Cr and Co can be respectively doped in the AZO film, the corrosion resistance of the film is improved, and low resistivity can also be obtained.
ZnO-based thin films are currently a hot topic of research, and many scholars at home and abroad are doing research in this area.
Because ITO film contains expensive indium metal, and with the continuous increase in the amount of ITO film, indium resources will continue to decrease, and the cost of ITO film will continue to rise. Therefore, AZO film will become a substitute for ITO film. 

From the above, we can see that oxide transparent conductive films are mainly obtained by magnetron sputtering with oxide doped targets. Fast Silver can not only customize the doping targets required for various transparent conductive films, but also customize other types of doping targets!
In a material (matrix), a small amount of other elements or compounds are incorporated to make the material (matrix) produce specific electrical, magnetic, and optical properties, thereby having practical application value or specific uses.
Fast Silver can customize and process various ceramic doped targets according to your experimental needs.
Such as: ITO target, IZO target, yttrium iron garnet,
Single target doping: high-purity silver doped zinc oxide/tin, graphite target doped with cobalt/iron/boron/silicon...;
Oxide target doping: aluminum oxide doped titanium oxide/calcium oxide/hafnium dioxide, cerium oxide doped lanthanum oxide/manganese/cobalt...;
Sulfide target doping: zinc sulfide doped CdS/Al/Mn, molybdenum disulfide doped titanium...;
Carbide target doping: silicon carbide doped with cobalt/aluminum/lead...
Others: strontium titanate target doped iron/niobium, titanium lead zirconium niobate target, lanthanum barium cobalt oxygen doped target...
If you need custom doped targets
Please leave your contact information and requirement for target ingredients
We will contact you in time!
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