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Types of sputtering targets for semiconductors

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Application of sputtering target
Sputtering targets are often used in the semiconductor industry, recording media industry and advanced display industry. Among different industries, the semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing industry has the highest quality requirements for sputtering targets.
The basic operations of integrated circuit wafer manufacturing can be divided into four categories: thin film production, photolithography, doping and heat treatment. The preparation of metal thin films has become one of the key factors affecting the development of ICs.
At present, the preparation methods of metal thin films include: physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and electroplating.
Principle of sputtering film formation
Ar gas was introduced into the decompressed container, and the film-forming substrate was set as the anode and the target was set as the cathode in the container. By applying a voltage between the electrodes, a glow discharge (plasma) is generated, and the Ar gas is partially ionized. The negative electric field of the cathode accelerates the Ar in the plasma, hits the surface of the target, and releases the constituent atoms of the target through this energy exchange. The released atoms or atom clusters (wire bundles) are stacked on the film-forming electrode plate to form a film with the same composition as the target material. Since the target material is a target of Ar ions, it is called a "target".
Types of sputtering targets for semiconductors
In the process of integrated circuit manufacturing, sputtering targets are used to prepare interconnection film and barrier film. At present, the most commonly used interconnect materials for integrated circuit manufacturing are Al and Al alloys, and the corresponding barrier metal is Ti or WTi.
Semiconductor thin film materials and targets
Tungsten (W) series
Composition: W, W-Si, W-Ti
Function: plug, electrode, diffusion barrier
Molybdenum (Mo) series

Composition: Mo, Mo-Si
Function: electrode, diffusion barrier
Cobalt (Co) series
Composition: Co, Co-Si
Function: Electrode
Tantalum (Ta) series
Composition:: Ta, Ta-Si, Ta-B
Function: diffusion barrier
Titanium (Ti) series
Composition: Ti, Ti-Si
Function: diffusion barrier
Ruthenium (Ru) series
Composition: Ru, SrRuO4
Function: Capacitor electrode
Iridium (Ir) series
Composition: Ir, IrO2
Function: Capacitor electrode
Aluminum (Al) series
Composition: Al-Cu-Si
Function: interconnection line
Copper(Cu) series
Composition: Cu, Cu alloy
Function: interconnection line
From the above, we can see that sputtering targets in the semiconductor industry are mostly metal alloy targets.
Fast Silver not only provides high-purity elemental metal targets, but also customizable metal alloy targets.
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