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Infrared Crystal

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We use the pulling method to grow high-quality lithium fluoride. The transmittance of lithium fluoride crystals ranges from 105nm in vacuum ultraviolet to 6.0μm in infrared, which is the material with the best vacuum ultraviolet transmittance. This kind of crystal is widely used to make optical windows, lenses, prisms and refractive elements in the ultraviolet-visible-infrared field. In addition, this crystal can also be used as an X suspected detector crystal. The low refractive index allows the crystal to be used directly without anti-reflection coating. As a window material, lithium fluoride crystal is an excellent achromatic and polychromatic material, which is widely used in ultraviolet and infrared transmissive window lenses and prisms in optical instruments.


Transmission range

0.105 --- 6µm  

Refractive index

1.37327 @2.5 µm; 1.624 @0.121 µm  

Reflection loss

4.4% @4.0 µm  


2.63905 g/cm3  


870°C; 848°C  

Thermal conductivity

11.3 W/(m·K) @41°C 

Specific heat

1562 J/(kg·K)  

Thermal expansion

37 · 10-6 /°C @0°---100°C  

Hardness (Mohs)  

102-113 (Indenter load: 600g)  

Young's modulus

64.79 GPa  

Shear modulus

55.14 GPa  

Body modulus

62.03 GPa  

Modulus of rupture

10.8 MPa  

Coefficient of elasticity

C11 = 112; C12 = 45.6; C44 = 63.2 GPa  

Dielectric constant

9.0 @25°C, f = 100...109 Hz  

Water soluble

0.27g / 100g @18°C  

Material type

Single crystal, synthetic  

Crystal structure

Cubic, NaCl type structure, a0= 4.026 Å  

Cleavage surface



145 mm, 200 mm  


X-ray monochromator plates; Optical material for VUV applications  


Tends to create colour centers; max. temperature for application: 400°C

Fast Silver offers various infrared crystal material:Lithium fluoride, Al2O3, MgF2, CaF2, Germanium.

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