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    Atomically smooth single-crystalline silver films

    Ultra-low-loss metal films with high-quality single crystals are in demand as the perfect surface for nanophotonics and quantum information processing applicatio...

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    Cu base alloy sputter target for thin film electrode coating

    There are many ally material used for thin film electrodes coating, today, we introduce the Cu base alloy sputter target. CuNi alloy target (55/45 wt%) CuNiAu al...

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    Initial optical constants for ITO

    Initial optical constants for ITO Indium Tin Oxide: 190-1700nm Indium Tin Oxide film: 140-1700nm nm e1 e2 nm e1 e2 400 4.57490791 0.238613806 400 4.40524489 0.25...

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    Carbon Film Coating

    What is Carbon Coating? The use of carbon films in Electron Microscopy with their low background signal and relatively good electrical conductivity is well known...

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    Websites Used Commonly by Reserachers of Material Physics

    Commonly-used periodicals Acta Materialia Scripta Materialia Science Nature Nature Materials Nature Physics Advanced Materials PRL PRB Computational Materials Sc...

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    Coating materials for optical thin film

    Optical Film Overview Optical thin film involved in the process of the propagation path of light, adhesion in the optical device thickness thin and uniform diele...

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