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Coating materials for optical thin film

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Optical Film




Optical thin film involved in the process of the propagation path of light, adhesion in the optical device thickness thin and uniform dielectric film on the surface of the layer, through the layered medium membrane layer reflection, through shot (passbook) and polarization characteristics, in order to achieve one or multiple wavelengths of light within the scope of all through or light reflection or separation and so on various special form of polarized light.


Characteristics of optical film


The surface of optical film is smooth and the interface between film layers is geometrically divided.The refractive index of the film can jump at the interface, but it is continuous in the film.It can be transparent medium or absorbing medium;It could be uniform in the normal direction, or it could be nonuniform in the normal direction.

The practical application of the film is much more complex than the ideal film.When preparing, the optical and physical properties of the thin film deviate from the bulk material, and its surface and interface are rough, which leads to the diffuse scattering of the beam.Diffusion interface is formed by mutual permeation between film layers.Due to the growth, structure and stress of the film, the anisotropy of the film is formed.The membrane has complex time effects.Different materials have different 


Application of novel optical film


Modern science and technology, especially the development of laser technology and information optics, optical thin films are not only used in pure optical devices, but also widely used in photoelectric devices and optical communication devices.With the development of modern information optics, optoelectronics and photonic technologies, the requirements for the long life, high reliability and high strength of optical film products have become increasingly high. Therefore, a series of new optical film and its preparation technologies have been developed, and comprehensive solutions have been provided to solve the problems faced by the industrialization of optical film.It includes high intensity laser, diamond and diamond-like film, soft X-ray multilayer film, solar selective absorption film and optical film, etc.


Applied prospect of optical thin film


Photoelectric information industry of the most promising of the communication, display and store the three types of product cannot leave the optical thin film, such as projector, back projection television, digital camera, video camera, DVD, and the DWDM optical communication, the GFF filter, etc., the performance of optical thin film to a great extent, determines the final performance of these products.

Optical thin film is break through the traditional category, more and more widely permeates the space probe, integrated circuits, biological chip, laser device, liquid crystal display to the field of integrated optics and so on various subjects, and the progress of science and technology plays an important role in the development of global economy, studying the characteristics of optical thin film physics and technology constitute a branch of modern science and technology, thin film optics.Optical thin film technology has become one of the key technologies to measure the technological development level of a country's high-tech industry such as photoelectric information.


Optical coating material


Zirconium dioxide, titanium monoxide, Titanium pentoxide, silicon dioxide, hafnium oxide,  titanium dioxide , titanium sesquioxide, tantalum pentoxide, aluminium trioxide, niobium pentoxide, Magnesium oxide, yttrium oxide, samarium oxide, praseodymium oxide, tungsten oxide, antimony oxide, nickel oxide, cerium dioxide, Zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, Lithium Fluoride, etc.













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