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Common faults and solutions of magnetron sputtering coating

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Magnetron sputtering is a type of physical vapor deposition (PVD). Magnetron sputtering introduces a magnetic field on the surface of the target cathode and uses the magnetic field to confine the charged particles to increase the plasma density to increase the sputtering rate.
What are the common faults in the daily operation of magnetron sputtering coating process?
Common faults and solutions of magnetron sputtering coating
1. Unable to shine
(1) DC power supply failure, check the DC power supply;
(2) The argon gas inlet volume is small, check the argon gas flowmeter or increase the argon gas inlet volume;
(3) The vacuum chamber is not clean enough, clean the vacuum chamber;
(4) The insulation of the target is not enough. Check whether the target is short-circuited to the ground. In the case of water passing, the resistance to ground should be above 50kΩ;
(5) If the magnetic field strength is not enough, check whether the permanent magnet is demagnetized;
(6) The vacuum is too poor, check the vacuum system.
2. Glow is unstable
(1) The voltage and current are unstable, check the power supply;
(2) The pressure in the vacuum chamber is unstable, check the argon gas intake and the vacuum system;
(3) The cable is faulty, check whether the cable is well connected.
3. Poor film quality
(1) The cleanliness of the surface of the substrate is poor, clean the surface of the substrate;
(2) The cleanliness of the vacuum chamber is poor, clean the vacuum chamber;
(3) If the substrate temperature is too large or too small, check the temperature control system and calibrate the thermocouple;
(4) The pressure in the vacuum chamber is too high, check the vacuum system;
(5) The sputtering power is set improperly, check the DC power supply and set the set power for what is going on.
4. Low sputtering rate
(1) The argon gas intake is too large or too small. Observe the glow color to determine whether the argon gas is too large or too small. Adjust the argon gas intake accordingly; repair the flowmeter;
(2) The target is overheated, check the cooling water flow;
(3) Check whether the permanent magnet is demagnetized.
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